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Grape & Acaí Seamoss

Grape & Acaí Seamoss

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Our Acaí & Grape Seamoss is our superfood infusion which is highly rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids & key beauty vitamins to boost collagen & prevent wrinkles. Considered an anti aging secret in Brazil. You name it, and acai berry has it. It’s the queen fruit of the rainforest that is native to South America that gained popularity globally in the past few years with it's health benefits. 


•Heart health, by improving cholesterol levels

•Boost energy levels & combat fatigue.

•Cognitive function, by fighting inflammation and oxidation in brain cells

•Immunity, by protecting the body from infection and free radicals

•Weight management, by increasing satiety and metabolic rates

•Digestion, by removing toxins and preventing constipation

•Delays premature againg & aids in collagen productions 

•Reduces risk of Cancer due to its high aantioxidants content 



•Omega-3,6, 9 Fatty acids

•Magnesium – nourishes dry skin

•Zinc – heals wound

•Copper – hydrates your skin

•Calcium – repairs lipid barrier in epidermis

•Vitamin A – an antioxidant that fights wrinkles

•Vitamins B – fight free radicals

•Vitamin C – has anti-inflammatory properties

•Anthocyanins – helps in cell regeneration

Combined with seamoss to help maximize the mineral content and boost overall well-being. 


INGREDIENTS: Wildcrafted seamoss, spring water, organic acai, organic grapes, organic lemons, organic limes, organic agave nectar. 

DIRECTIONS: Consume 1-2 tbsps daily right out the jar or mix it into your favorite food or drink beverages. 


●Do not consume if allergic to seaweed or iodine