About us


Simsima Seamoss started when the founder and CEO Simi Rana, wanted to incorporate more supplementary foods into her daily regimen. As a mother of 2, she struggled with severe allergies, sinus migraines on the regular and intense leg cramps. Keeping her health in mind she maintained a health conscious effort but her health condition didn't show any major chances until she started consuming sea moss daily in her morning tea. Within one week, her taunting health problems diminished. Her sinus migraines disappeared, leg cramps were gone and she restored her energy and  mental clarity in which she didn't obtain in years. Amazed by the incredible results of sea moss, Simi then decided to launch Simsima Seamoss to help others discover this health nourishing superfood so they can implement it into their lifestyles and restore their health.    


-100% wildcrafted sea moss sourced from ST.Lucia

-100% Natural, Organic & Preservative free 

Made Fresh to order and delivered safely all over US.