Shipping schedule & Delivery

Please be advised it takes 7-9 days to properly produce our seamoss before shipment starts.

All jars of seamoss is carefully freshly prepared in small quantities to ensure optimal freshness and top quality. 

There is absolutely no inventory being held as we strongly believe in providing only the freshest supply of our seamoss gel with no preservatives whatsoever. 

Furthermore, Our shipping schedule is from Monday-Wednesdays  to also ensure that freshness and longevity is maintained via transit and there is no delays or holds throughout the weekend. 

If you're waiting for your seamoss jar more than the 7-9 days time frame, the only reason for the extended wait will be because we are simply waiting to ship on the schedule mentioned above. So your patience is greatly appreciated. 

Once your order has been shipped you WILL AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE AN TRACKING UPDATE AND NUMBER to the email address or phone number provided at checkout. (These updates are system generated, and sometimes they may be found either in your inbox, promotions or spam folders. So please make sure you check all folders )


*If there is an absolute urgency or emergency to receive your order, please directly contact the Founder & Ceo- Simi Rana at as we can try our best to accommodate your special requests. 

Again any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to email us at 


Your support, love and business is greatly appreciated 💚